About Us

We, Silver Seafood introduce ourselves as one of the leading seafood Processors & Exporters of Fresh Frozen / Live & Salted Seafood Products from Pakistan since 1994.

We have been supplying Seafood to many destinations around the world. We have setup of most modern state of the art seafood processing plant at the Karachi fish harbor with the latest technology and machinery imported we have a freezing capacity of more than 100m/t in the blast freezer and 60m/t in contact plate freezers per day. Our storage capacity is well over 400m/t.

Our plant has been designed and constructed keeping in mind the standards of the EU and FDA. We strictly follow up EU and HACCP procedures while processing and our microbiology and quality control departments document the findings for each consignment. We pack only high quality raw material procured from the local market and caught by our fleet and also inform Marine Fisheries Department (MFD) to come and inspect the consignment before shipment and issue us Quality/Health Certificate fit for human consumption.

All employees are member of the HACCP team. As this process cannot be effectively implemented without involving the complete hierarchy of the organization. After processing and finishing we export as per Buyer contract.

Senior managers and Supervisors arrange for frequent checks and training of the employees. Designated officer are responsible for filling and updating the information. Data officers feed the information into the software database designed for the purpose and file the hard copies. The directors act as team leaders for the complete team and implement the process as a necessary for standard operation.